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DMG Forums Key Features
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Posted: 3/10/2006 10:32:32 AM

DMG Forums is one of the most advanced, yet simplistic forum/portal designs for ASP.NET. The features below are some of the key reasons why DMG Forums would be an excellent fit for almost any application environment. It is usability and expandability that we focus on when designing our portal system, not unnecessary flash and flair. It is for this reason that we can only display very few of the total features that come with DMG Forums. The only way to see them all is to install the latest version and try it out.

Key Features - (Latest Release 3.2)

  • Is a fully customizable web portal system that can be used for limitless web applications.
  • Contains dozens of special codes available to admins that make designing dynamic pages easy.
  • Can use Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MSDE, or SQL Server Express as database back-end software.
  • Online forums display numerous tutorials on how to modify and add modules to the DMG Forums core.
  • All code is .NET Framework 2.0 compatible.
  • Constant updates are being released to add new features.
  • Full web pages can be designed using the web forms available without having to edit ASP.NET pages directly.
  • Multiple installations of DMG Forums can be made to a single database.
  • Admins can create multiple layout templates that can be switched to and from with the click of a button.
  • DMG Forums is free and open source.

Forum Features

  • Forums are organized by categories, which can be browsed individually.
  • Forums can be locked, hidden, or given special permissions for who can view them.
  • If the option is turned on, all forum posts can be forced to have admin/moderator approval before appearing.
  • Topics can be specified as "Sticky" or can be posted to the homepage as a "News" topic.
  • Moderators or Admins can move, delete, lock, or hide topics.
  • Quick reply boxes and buttons for quoting, editing, or replying to topics are available in many places.
  • Special "Forums Codes" are available to users for formatting posts and displaying links, images, YouTube videos, and other customized text.
  • Private messaging can be made available to allow users to create discussions that are invisible to the public.
  • An Active Topics page displays all topics that have been posted or replied to since the last time they logged on.
  • A search tool is available for searching for members or for previous topics.
  • Topics and replies can be displayed in pages with the number of items per page specified by the administrator.
  • Moderators can be given moderation privileges only to forums specified by the admin.
  • Users can subscribe to topics and receive e-mails upon new replies.
  • Topics can have files and images uploaded and attached.

Member Features

  • Member access can be restricted in many ways to only allow specific actions.
  • Members can be categorized as Regular Members, Moderators, or Administrators.
  • Forum Rankings can be assigned to allow special privileges based on the number of posts a member reaches.
  • Members can be allowed to display avatars or custom rankings if the features are turned on.
  • Administrators can ban or delete members as well as delete all posts from a member.
  • Members can post blogs which are connected to their profile pages.
  • Users can design customized profile pages which act as private homepages within the forums.
  • Admins can allow members to upload a limited amount of photos that can be attached to profile pages.
  • Uploaded avatars and photos will automatically scale to the desired maximum size before uploading to the server.

Admin Features

  • All HTML, META Tags, graphics, CSS, and other design settings can be specified from the administration screen.
  • Unlimited pages can be created for content other than the forums.
  • Custom codes available to make the application's HTML more dynamic and database-driven.
  • All colors, fonts, layout, and other settings can be edited from the web browser.
  • A DMG Forums Global Update tool will alert you to new releases of the forum code.
  • Graphics, documents, avatars, and forum ranking images can be uploaded from the web.
  • Members can be edited to reset passwords, permissions, or other data.
  • Unlimited layout templates can be created to save web site designs for easy future use.
  • The option to validate users with e-mails or manually can be turned on.
  • Admins can allow members to e-mail each other or receive e-mails on updated thread subscriptions.
  • The main menu of each portal application is completely customizable.
  • HTML forms can be generated that will allow info to be sent in e-mails or posted back to the databse.
  • A photo gallery creator can be used to upload and display many photos with little effort.
  • Image rotators can be built for displaying random images or banner ads.
  • The File Manager allows all folders and files to be modified, added to, or removed.

Once again, these are only a few of the many features that are available with DMG Forums. Some of the benefits of the system can be seen by browsing this web site, which runs completely on the latest release of the core. For true evaluation you must download the latest release and install it to see for yourself.

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