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DMG Forums 2.3
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Join Date: 8/30/2005
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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: 9/22/2006 12:15:23 PM

DMG Forums 2.3

Released: 9-22-2006

Download Version 2.3 (full install)

Download Version 2.3 (upgrade from 2.2)

Instructions for a full installation or for upgrading from any previous version are contained in the README.html file that is included with the download.

By downloading this software you agree to our end-user license agreement.

For a breakdown of some of the major features offered with this system, view the DMG Forums Feature Listings page.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a previous version of DMG Forums, be sure to remove all .DLL files from your /bin directory before installing this upgrade. This version of DMG Forums has been compacted to contain less source files and some executables now have different names.


Join Date: 8/30/2005
Posts: 656
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: 9/22/2006 12:15:38 PM

DMG Forums 2.3 is a maintenance release that corrects some minor bugs and enhances some features of the 2.x core. This is the final release in preparation for Project Evolution, which is the long-term project that will result in DMG Forums 3.0. Version 2.3 solidifies the 2.x core and corrects any minor bugs for the cleanest DMG Forums application yet.

There are no database changes to move from Version 2.2 to Version 2.3, thus the setup.aspx file will not have to be run if you are upgrading. Just download the upgrade ZIP file and copy the new files into your application.

Enhancements In Version 2.3

  • Admins have been given more control over editing user profiles or changing user information.
  • Topic view counts will no longer go up exponentially when users continuously refresh a topic page.
  • Pages can be left with no parent assignment for manual linking and the page ID numbers appear on the edit screens.
  • When new topics are posted, the user can automatically subscribe to the topic as it is submitted.
  • When users enter unproperly formatted URLs for their web page or favorite site, they do not show up as links.

    Bug Fixes In Version 2.3

  • Column widths and row alignments have been fixed on topic listings when long subjects or long usernames are used.
  • HTML in posts is decoded when a topic is edited and then encoded back when it is posted to the server.
  • The blog comment box has been removed for users who are not logged in.
  • Layout template and color settings are no longer lost the first time a page is hit after the .NET service restarts.
  • When editing a forum, moderators and privileged users boxes will now allow usernames to be moved back and forth.
  • All file/image upload bugs have been corrected.
  • Blogs and other features have been enhanced to work when the forums are installed in an application sub-directory.

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